6 Things to do when Travelling with your ESA

Travelling with an ESA letter dog could be an interesting and enriching experience for an ESA and pet owner. However, travelling with a dog is not al laughs and giggles only. Take it this way, when you are travelling alone, you need to make so many arrangements.

These arrangements take a whole new level when you are travelling when a dog.

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One of the things that you should put into your bag instantly is your ESA letter. An ESA letter is the most important component when travelling and living with your emotional support animal.

Before getting the letter, you must search online and look for a genuine esa letter for housing to know about what goes into it.

After getting a genuine letter and deciding that you want to take a vacation with Coco, following are the things that you must do to ensure effortless and enjoyable journey.

  1. Prepare well before Time

Travelling needs ample time for planning. The best way of doing it is to make a checklist and accomplish the tasks one by one. This way, you will know what is next in line and you will stay focused and organized.

Whereas you can perform esa registration online very easily. 

Make separate lists of the things that you will need for yourself and for your dog. Book the tickets in advance and make sure that you have confirmed them weeks before the departure date.

  1. Update your Contact Details

Do you know that many of the emotional support animals and pets get lost during the holiday season and are not likely to meet their owners. To make sure that you also do not lose your furry friend, make sure that your dog has an ID tag and microchip. legally register emotional support dog can be taken anywhere the owner wanted 

Additionally, update your contact details and put your contact number on the ID tag of your dog also. This way, in case Coco goes a little too far, someone could call and tell you about him.

  1. Pack the Dog Supplies

Pack all the doggie supplies before leaving for the holiday. Make a list and add everything like extra water bottles, Coco’s favourite dog food and toys, its bedding and blankets, two pairs of collar and leash and your ESA’s first aid kit. All of the things are really important for a memorable holiday.

Remember that since dogs are different than us, they have different needs than us. As a responsible and loving ESA owner, it is your responsibility to take care of its needs and make both of your travel experience memorable and happy.

  1. Research the Holiday Destination’s ESA Rules

Is your holiday destination animal friendly? Make sure that you know everything about it and if it will be a welcoming place for you and Coco. Many places are quite accepting of the people travelling with their ESAs and pets.

Research about the rules and policies of the place before making travel arrangements. In case your chosen destination is not an animal friendly one then you should look for another destination. There are many places that are quite animal friendly and there, you can have a great holiday with Coco.

  1. Research the Airplane’s ESA Rules

Every airline has its own rules and policies. Therefore, before booking the tickets, check with the airlines and inform them that you will be travelling with your ESA dog. According to law, an ESA owner is not required to pay any additional charges for travelling with your animal but, the policies may vary from airline to airline. 

Inform them at least 48 hours before your flight and, preferably, take a dog carrier or a crate with you. Usually, the airline will propose suitable accommodation of your emotional support animal certification.

  1. Research Animal Friendly Rental

After finding an animal friendly destination, your work does not end here. Find a pet and ESA friendly holiday rental where you could live with your emotional support animal. There are many rental homes that would be equally nice for your emotional support animal also.

For many, travelling with an emotional support animal is nothing less than adventure while many may feel scared at the idea of doing it.  If, due to any reasons, you cannot take your ESA with you, arrange a pet sitter to look after it.

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