Animals that are Hardly Adopted

Some animals are lucky to get their homes quickly but, there are many that have a hard time getting a suitable home and family. Statistically speaking, some are some kinds of animals that are hardly adopted and many of them are euthanized.

While the people who are genuinely in need of emotional support hardly care about how does a dog or a cat looks like, still, some kinds of animals stay longer in the animal shelter. Whereas, you will need an ESA letter for housing to keep your pets at home

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The following are some of the kinds of animals that have a hard time getting adopted.

1. Black Coloured Dogs

Black is a dominant color. And a bit scary too. This is why black dogs have a hard time getting adopted and accepted. Animal shelters have more black dogs than any other color dog and where it is because of a less trend of adopting black dogs, it is also because the black dog population is more than any other colored dog.

2. Black Coloured Cats

Just like with black dogs, black cats also stay in the animal shelter homes longer than other colored cats. But, unlike dogs, black cats do face bias when it comes to adoption and choosing a cat. Whereas, you should not forget about the importance of emotional support dog letter for your pet

Black cats are mysterious and have a somewhat dangerous look, which is why they are often rejected by families with kids. But, a black cat is just like any other cat and offers the same level of love and support that you expect from any other cat.

3. Animals with Disabilities or Special Needs

Some animals have special needs and physical limitations. Dogs with three legs, cats with some mental issues, and animals that are blind or have hearing problems are often rejected by families.

You may think that looking after them will need more time and effort but believe us, these animals make wonderful ESAs and pets and some shelter homes may also help you with their medical expenses.

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4. Some of the Dog Breeds

Pitbull type dog breeds are less likely to be adopted. Breeds like Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, American Pitbulls, and the likes, stay in the pet shelters longer than other breeds. This could be because of the destructive reputation that the pitbull has earned. However, these dogs are as dangerous as any dog and pose no ‘specific’ type of danger to anyone.

5. Mutts or Mixed Breed Dogs
Mutts are hybrids of two or more dog breeds. Other than mutts, these dogs are also known as mongrels, and often, they do not have purebred parents. It is also known as accidental breeding and this is why this type of dog stays longer in the shelters. However, the government has announced that it is mandatory for every pet owner that US service dog registry is must

However, mutts make wonderful pets and ESAs as they tend to live longer than their purebred counterparts and have fewer health issues also.

6. Older Animals

Older or senior pets stay in the pet shelters longer than the younger animals or puppies and kittens. But, getting an older animal has its perks. Grown dogs and cats have nothing that you would be surprised of; they have grown personalities and with them, you get what you see. 

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Also, these senior animals are easy-going, need less physical activity level, and are probably already potty trained.

Animals are full of surprises and even the most unlikely choice will not fail to surprise and delight you. So, when you start looking for your ESA, consider these animals and get your genuine ESA letter to live and travel with them.

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